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BWT bestcup S White water filter suitable for Jura Claris 60209

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Product no.: KS32I10A00-2B35
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BWT bestcup S White water filter suitable for Jura Claris 60209


NEW now with professional 4-stage filtration
JURA devices with a round water tank adapter (CLARIS * White)
Compatible with the following devices
- JURA C line Jura Impressa C5, C9
- JURA E line Jura Impressa E10, E25, E40, E45, E50, E55, E60, E65, E70, E75, E80, E85
- JURA F line Jura Impressa F50, F5, F70, F90, F9
- JURA XF line Jura Impressa XF50, XF70
- Jura Subito Jura Subito

Maximum power for each claim
Filter capacity at 10 ° KH = 50 liters

The BWT bestcup filter series for professional claims of coffee connoisseurs and amateur baristas:
• Protects your coffee before calcification
• Reliable operation and long life high quality coffee machine technology
Guaranteed best and consistent coffee quality
• Perfect coffee flavor and satisfied connoisseurs
High-Efficiency Technology (HET) and professional 4-stage filtration
highest efficiency in filtering capacity and safety of use
• Excellent handling easier installation and filter change

Your PLUS with BWT bestcup professional technology
High capacity filter for maximum efficiency in
Professional range: 50 liters at 10 ° Carbonate
Safe protection against calcium deposits in each
For optimum coffee quality always satisfied customers
Easy to use - quick filter change

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