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BWT bestsave scale protection pad

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Product no.: KS10I00A00-2C58
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BWT bestsave scale protection pad

BWT scale protection pad for espresso / coffee machine with water tank

Base-scale protection for unadulterated enjoyment of coffee: The scale protection pad from the water calcifiers the CA2 + and Mg2 +, protects your coffee machine so before calcification and provides protection against bacteria growth. The pads are only suitable for cold potable water and are food safe. The scale protection pad is a fleece pillow with Ion Exchange. Disposal is easy with household waste.

Application: The BWT bestsave scale protection pad is placed directly on the bottom of the tank of the coffee machine. After approximately 10 hours water is available optimized for making coffee available. Best the water tank of the machine in the evening to prepare for the next day.

Operating time at an average alkalinity of 10 ° max. 2 months / 100L



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