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Puly Cleaner Baby Descaler, 28g

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Product no.: 01895-2C14
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Puly Cleaner Baby Descaler, 28g

You should regularly use the Puly Cleaner Baby Descaler for descaling of your espresso machine.

For limy water it is recommendable to use a water filter to reduce limescale in the boiler and tubing of Espresso machines.  However, even when using a water filter, the manufacturers recommend to regularly descale the machine.
Only when regularly descaling your Espresso machine you can prevent pertinacious scaling. 
The content of one package of descaling powder is dissolved in 1.5 litres of water. 
For further proceeding of descaling we recommend to follow the instructions on the package and to adhere to the user manual of your Espresso machine.
According to the manufacturer’s indications, the Puly Cleaner Baby descaler powder is also suitable for descaling of coffee machines. 
The manufacturer also recommends the Puly Cleaner Baby descaling powder for descaling your boiler. 
Regarding suitability and execution, please adhere to the stipulations in the manual of the corresponding machine when descaling your coffee machine.

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1 package of Urnex Dezcal descaler, 28g
Basic price per 100g 4.28 €


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