Maintenance and decalcification

Maintenance / Descaling

A few words about descaling
Lime in the water can cause scaling of your fully-automatic coffee machine which negatively impacts on the flow rate of the water and the lifetime of the entire machine.  For this reason it is important to regularly descale your machine.  If you generally use water filters, you have to descale your machine less frequently.
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All fully-automatic coffee machines have a descaling program whose instructions for the execution can be found in the manual of your machine.
When descaling without descaling program, you should consider the following:
1. The machine should always be descaled through the hot water and steam nozzle – never through the coffee unit.
2. Leave the water tap opened during the entire descaling process and switch your machine off and on 2-3 times in intervals of 15 minutes using the main switch (this prevents overpressure in the heating system and saves the pressure components).
3. Thoroughly rinse with at least 2 litres of water through the hot water/steam nozzle.
Always switch off your machine when not in use.
Regular descaling prevents limestone and scaling.  This keeps the sealing rings elastic for a longer time, avoids annoying damages (and repairs) due to scaling, is environment-friendly, saves energy and money.

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