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Saeco professional sealing and care kit

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Product no.: S1011-2E39
Shipping time: 3-4 Days

39,00 € *
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Saeco professional sealing and care kit

Scope of delivery:

5 silicone O-rings for the brew group, red
5 lip seals for the water tank
5 silicone seals, red 
10 seals for the hot water pipe, EPDM (2 per machine required)
5 seals for the valve spindle, EPDM
5 sealing kits for the outlet nozzle (3 seals per KIT), silicone, red
5 O-rings for the brew group outlet, EPDM
5 ring seals for the water tank, EPDM
50 small O-rings for the Teflon tubing,  EPDM 
Suitable for: Saeco Magic, Vienna, Royal. Moreover, for some models of: Solis, Spidem Trevi, Krups, and others
(all seals of  EPDM, Shore 70, top quality)

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