Technical FAQ - Saeco

Explanations on Saeco Error Codes

Failures / Causes / Solutions / Error Codes

• Temperature too low
The temperature in the coffee outlet must be approx. 80-85°C.
The machine is calcified / the grinding degree is too coarse.  - Measure the temperature using a temperature measuring instrument; descale your machine.  Set the grinding degree to a lower number while the grinder is running.

• No coffee outlet
The brew group area is heavily soiled / the machine is not vented / the filling quantity per cup is erroneously programmed or set  / the brew group is blocked / the grinding degree is too fine / the grinder or dosing unit is blocked or soiled.  (See ‘Venting’) – reprogram the filling quantity (keep the button pressed or open the turning knob some more / Brühgruppe reinigen und fetten /  set the grinding degree to a higher number while the grinder is running. If necessary check the grinder and clean the dosing unit.

• The brew group cannot be removed
The brew group is not located in the basic position / the brew group is clamped or jammed.  – Switch on the machine, close the service door, insert the coffee grounds container (if the coffee grounds container cannot be inserted, activate the contact in the machine – the machine will then put the brew group into its basic position during the switch-on routine.)  / Brewunit unfix and clean

• The brew group cannot be inserted
The brew group is not in the basic position or is not properly locked.  Put the brew group into its basic position and insert it correctly.

• The descaling indication cannot be reset
The machine is calcified / the programmed water quantity has been reached - Entkalken nach Anweisung (For machines with a display, the message must be reset in the menu under “Descaling”.  In case of older machines and  Magic de Luxe, activate the steam indicator during 5 seconds while the machine is switched on.) 

• Venting not possible
Venting is indicated / water tank/water circuit in the machine is empty / the pump is dry (loud noise), venting is not possible – open the hot water valve or press the hot water button and let the water flow out (approx. 100ml).

• The coffee grounds container indicator cannot be reset
The coffee grounds container is full or the counter has reached its maximum number. - Remove the coffee grounds container for at least 5 seconds while the machine is switched on and the service door is closed.

• LED 'Water tank empty' lights up.
The water tank is empty or the float magnet in the water tank is defective.  - Replace the float in the water tank.

• Varying or wrong cup filling quantities.
The machine is calcified / the filling quantity is erroneously set - Entkalken (siehe Entkalken) / set the filling quantity again keeping the button for the cup or for the cup filling quantity pressed.

• Water tank leaks
The seal is defective - Change Seal.

• Leak under the machine or drip tray
The drip channel is blocked by coffee grounds – Clean the drip channel using a cleaning brush or cotton bud.

• Water in the drip tray
When the brew group goes back into its basic position, usually 10 -15 ml of water are discharged into the drip tray. If it is more than 15 ml of water, descale your machine / clean the brew group.

• Water in the coffee grounds container
´The grinding is too fine or too coarse – activate ‘Rinse’ in the menu / change the grinding degree / switch off rinsing in the menu.

• The coffee has no crema
Unsuitable coffee blend / coffee is not fresh anymore / the grinding is too fine or too coarse – change the coffees blend / use fresh coffee  / remove the brew group and clean it / change the grinding degree.

• Care instruction for the brew group of all Saeco models
All fully-automatic coffee machines of Saeco have a removable brew group.
This patented technology allows to thoroughly clean the coffee conducting parts of the brew group and the entire brewing chamber inside the machine.
We are often questioned about the use of chemical solvents for coffee oil.  For daily cleaning of the fully-automatic coffee machines of Saeco, thanks to this technology you do not need any cleaning tablets.
For machines of other manufacturers which do not have this technology you need chemical cleaning agents for the cleaning of the coffee conducting components.  This is expensive and unnecessarily damages the environment.
The use of chemical coffee oil solvents is generally possible with the Saeco machines, however, it is not recommendable due to environmental and cost reasons.  Owing to the great ease of care and maintenance of these machines this is not necessary.

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